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Who We Are

At Mya Digital, we are passionate about helping to build brands in the healthcare industry.


We have a wealth of experience in online strategy for healthcare and work as partners to help your facility increase awareness online, engage with new customers and convert leads.


​Mya Digital specializes in impactful, targeted, and well-researched content that will resonate with your audience. 

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Healthcare Blogs and Medical Articles

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Why Us?

At Mya Digital, we emphasize the quality of the final product. We understand from experience that it is difficult for healthcare facilities and doctors to find spare time from their practices to write articles or create content optimized for online performance. Mya Digital can add value as healthcare writing and content experts, breaking down complex medical concepts into easily understandable terms, including the crucial keywords, all in a tone of voice suitable for your audience. ​


​Furthermore, through a meticulous review process, we ensure the following:


  • Quality of content factoring in any writing styles, voice, and tone your brand follows. Healthcare Marketing relies greatly on inspiring trust, a sense of empathy, and respect. 

  • SEO performance by analysis involves you every step of the way to understand the competition and the suggested keyword mix.

  • Continuous monitoring and tracking of content performance to identify potential edits and additional suggested elements to improve rankings.

Healthcare Blogs and Medical Articles

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What We Offer

From standalone projects such as healthcare content writing for a new or revamped website to functioning as your extended digital marketing arm, we work closely with you based on your specific requirements. Whether you are looking to attract more patients, engage your existing audience, or manage your reputation, high-quality, thought-provoking content that inspires action is vital.

Our team offers a rich experience in healthcare digital content covering various formats and media. If you are looking for audio, visual, or the written word, if it's quality content you're looking to create, we can help.

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Achieving a regular schedule of quality blog articles can be challenging. We can help you identify topics, analyze competing content, and find opportunities to rank high organically. With a team of content writers with backgrounds in healthcare including doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and researchers, we can provide thought-provoking content designed to meet your requirements.

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Visual marketing in the form of animated explainers is a popular medium that promises higher engagement and action. In addition, it helps break down complex healthcare content into simple and easily understandable terms that are great for social media and SEO.

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Delivering crisp, clear, and compelling SEO-friendly content can be complex for many healthcare facilities.  At Mya Digital, we will audit your website, identify your priorities and areas of expertise, benchmark your competition, and work with your communication style to execute content that delivers results. If you are looking for content for social media, your website or otherwise, we can provide value.

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Articulating the expertise and experience of doctors and healthcare providers with the right level of detail and in a style that resonates with your audiences is crucial. Getting this right can help drive appointments and referrals. Our team of healthcare writing experts can help you put these together optimally.

Animated Healthcare Videos
Content Development
Doctor and Provider Bios
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P.O.Box 75143, Office B-2703, Latifa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

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